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Celebrating 100 years

Celebrating 100 years of craftmanship

Celebrating 100 years

One hundred years ago, entrepreneurs Margaretha and Achiel Van de Velde founded a corset studio in the Belgian village of Schellebelle. Meanwhile, the family business has become a dynamic and global fashion company with strong lingerie brands. Unique craftsmanship and a love of lingerie design are central: a century later we still design the most beautiful lingerie with superior fit in that same studio in Schellebelle - the beating heart of Van de Velde.

"For a hundred years we have been striving for a common goal: making women shine and feel good in the very best lingerie. The pioneering role of the Van de Velde family was crucial. In three enterprising generations, they built up a very successful publicly traded family business. Together with them and all employees, customers and stakeholders, we are proud of the path we have taken and we look forward to the future with confidence!"

Marleen Vaesen, CEO Van de Velde

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