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Healthy corporate culture

Van de Velde is growing every year and our people grow with us. Thanks to our employees’ passion, Van de Velde can keep on growing. It’s a positive spiral. We strive towards a culture that stimulates winning, that strengthens employees and that encourages working with passion.

We exemplify this corporate culture with a program ‘People For Groei, Groei For People’. The foundation of sustainable growth is the well-being of our employees.

The key drivers of GROEI, which means GROWTH in Dutch, are...

Discover the foundations of our P&O (People & Organisation, how we call our HR department) policy

New leadership

Sustainable growth in a drastically changing world implies new leadership. Therefore, we invest in:

  • continuous training on leadership and entrepreneurship for directors and executives
  • 'Hot dog’ sessions in which the executives and the management receive expert insights on ‘outward thinking’, while sharing their thoughts and enjoying a fun meal afterwards.
  • training in ‘people management’ for all starting managers external coaching of team leaders in all production areas.

Human friendly entrepreneurship

Our Company grows

However, we keep our attention on sustainable, social and ethical responsibilities. That’s why we maintain a number of official instruments.

Our SA8000-certificate and the Ethical and Social Charter ensure that:

  • We won’t allow child labor
  • We won’t force or oblige someone to work
  • We provide safe and healthy working conditions
  • We engage in an open dialogue with unions and the government
  • We eliminate any kind of discrimination
  • We condemn any type of physical, mental or verbal violence
  • We respect the amount of working hours defined by law and we stimulate a healthy work-life balance
  • We respect liveable wages
  • We continuously check whether we apply these principles, and adjust them when necessary


The SA8000 label is the worldwide leading certificate for corporate social responsibility with strict criteria in terms of child labor, forced labor, health and safety, freedom of association, discrimination, disciplinary procedures, working hours, salary and management. We were one of the first Belgian companies to carry this label. Since 2003 our headquarters, comprised of the Schellebelle & Wichelen sites, comply with SA8000. At the end of 2015 we were certified for the next three years.

Twice a year, in May and November, our certified sites are inspected by independent auditors SGS. The auditors’ activities go beyond People & Organization, management and administration. They touch the entire workplace visits and include talks with employees.

Click here for more information on the SA8000 label

Ethical and Social Charter

The criteria of the SA8000-certificate are included in the Ethical and Social Charter of Van de Velde. This charter represents ‘Human friendly entrepreneurship’ with respect for the quality of work and the wellbeing and identity of the employees.

Each production company of the group and all our employees have signed a declaration that they abide by the Ethical and Social Charter of Van de Velde.

Download our Ethical and Social Charter

Code of Conduct

Each employee starting at Van de Velde signs our Code of Conduct. It contains our general values and standards, but also our policy regarding ethical behavior.

Download our Code of Conduct