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Sustainable mobility

  • We limit the CO2 emission of our car park. Our goal is a maximum emission of 110g/km in 2016.

  • We encourage carpooling and we refund rail passes.

  • We have centralized the warehouses in Wichelen. As a result, the amount of transports between the Schellebelle and Wichelen sites have drastically decreased.

  • We keep as many of our activities and employees in Belgium. Only the assembly of the lingerie takes place abroad. This way we reduce transport.

  • We bought about 15 bikes. Employees who come by train can use them to cycle from the train station to work.

Waste policy

  • We sort paper, cardboard, foils, PMC, waste, iron waste, electro, TL lights, batteries, pruning waste and machine oil and we make sure all the waste is collected separately.

  • As the majority of paper and cardboard waste is situated in Wichelen, we have replaced the press container in Schellebelle with a brand new bale press in Wichelen.

  • We reuse the cardboard boxes and tubes in which we send our lingerie and point of sale material.

  • In our renovated toilets, we use hand dryers instead of paper towels.

  • Throughout our whole production process, we calculate consumption to the absolute minimum. Plotters draw patterns with minimal material loss. In order to reduce our surpluses, the demand department calculates the stock.

  • We never throw lingerie away. What remains goes to wholesale buyers, recycling and charity, such as the refugee center in Sint-Niklaas.

Water management

  • During the renovation of our headquarters in Schellebelle, we will renew the sewers to comply with the new standards of the separated sewer system.

  • Both in Schellebelle and Wichelen, we are buffering some of the rainwater and partly use it for the sanitary facilities.

  • The drinking fountains are connected to the water supply network.


Energy management

Reduced gas consumption

In recent years, we’ve reduced our gas usage considerably. This was achieved mainly by switching off the burners at moments central heating was not necessary. With the renovation of Schellebelle renovation and the renewal of Wichelen’s HVAC installation, we focus on energy efficiency. We do this by renewing both the control unit and the installation.

Reduced electricity consumption in…


  • turning off the lights in the vacant parts

  • turning off the cooling if not needed

  • energy efficient renovation based on a strict energy audit

  • more insulation than legally required

  • motion sensors for illumination

  • energy saving steering of the hvac installation

  • a cascade system for the three condensing units

  • energy efficient, 11 kW frequency controlled compressor


  • linking the compressed air network of the two buildings

  • optimal energy steering of the four compressors

  • 4500 m² of solar panels on two of three buildings

  • energy efficient optimization of the HVAC installation to improve comfort. This ingenious system takes the outside temperature and the possibility to draw in oxygen into account, in order to create a comfortable climate for the employees.

  • energy efficient floor heating and cooling

  • cascade system for the condensing units