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PrimaDonna Swim N° 1 swimwear brand in Spain in 2017

In Spain, PrimaDonna Swim has been named the “Best sold swim brand” in 2017. Intima Magazine, the premium lingerie and swimwear magazine, asked 500 lingerie retailers in Europe and North America about the best-selling swimwear in their boutiques.

PrimaDonna came in first in Spain. A fabulous performance for swimwear that only came on the market a few short seasons ago.

Moreover, PrimaDonna Swim is also one of the favorites in a solid second position, not only in France, Germany but also in the United States & Canada.

PrimaDonna had received the “Best selling European brand 2016” award at the beginning of the year.

Our CEO's take on innovation within Van de Velde

Our CEO's - Erwin Van Laethem - take on innovation and how he wants to take it further within Van de Velde: "When it comes to innovation, it is key to create the right environment. An innovation environment requires a disproportional time investment by senior management, including the CEO."

Read the interview conducted by Katia Pallini of Insites Consulting here. Erwin was interviewed for his unique view on innovation and how to implement it in a company during the last X-Change Session of the Change League Community (an initiative of BNP Paribas Fortis). The mission of the Change League Community is to bring together a community of like-minded business change makers who want to get to the future first and embrace change as an opportunity, not a threat. Today, more than 100 Belgian CEOs are member of the Change League Community.

Union and Van de Velde management reach agreement on distribution centre activities

The entire supply chain of lingerie company Van de Velde – from incoming raw materials to finished products for consumers – is consolidated at its site in Wichelen, Belgium. The demand for faster, more flexible deliveries is increasing all the time as e-commerce grows and our range expands. A review of how activities were organised at the distribution centre in Wichelen was needed to ensure we are able to meet delivery spikes and prepare ourselves for future growth.

After very constructive discussions, unions and Van de Velde management have reached an agreement. As of 1 September 2017 the whole work organisation at the distribution centre will switch to a shift system and Saturday will be a workday. This will allow us to meet the spike in demand for deliveries at the beginning of the week. It will allow the company to hire more people too.

Agreement was also reached on equalising the group insurance for white and blue collar workers. All companies must do this by 2025. Van de Velde wishes to show its engagement, while also taking a lead in the debate. With that in mind, the company will not wait until 2025 to equalise the group insurance. We are now starting the process of gradually moving towards equality and every year we will make an extra contribution in pursuit of full equalisation by 2025.

Van de Velde and the unions are very satisfied with the results of the negotiations. They show engagement, mutual respect and confidence in the future. That will ensure we grow together and continue to write the promising story of our company, our people and our brands.

Van de Velde wins corporate video award with The PrimaDonna E-cup movie

At the Belgian Corporate Video Festival, Van de Velde took home the Award in the category Profit. Awarded video was the PrimaDonna E-Cup Day for Men, which already scored millions of views on social media allover the world. The jury called it a creative, original and bold way of promoting your company's mission. And it made them laugh out loud.

If you did not yet see this video, here is the link again.

And yes, everybody at PrimaDonna understands women with a bigger cupsize. A big thank you once again to all of our male colleagues who participated, the production company and the team behind the video.