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Fight against breast cancer

As a lingerie producer, with mostly female customers and employees, the fight against breast cancer is close to our heart. Every day in Belgium, 26 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. That is why we support a number of projects which either focus on cancer research or support women who suffer from this disease.

Besides our company’s engagements, socially involved employees often take initiatives of their own. For ‘de Warmste Week’, they organized a quiz and sold soup for charity. The proceeds always go to the following organizations:

  • Pink Ribbon Belgium: we contribute to their action by advertising in their magazine.
  • Het Antikankerfonds: thanks to our financial support the guide “Non-Conventional Treatment Options in Breast Cancer” was created by a team of scientists at the Anticancer Fund. The complex issue of non-conventional therapies for breast cancer is described in a comprehensive (lay-person) language for breast cancer patients and their supporters.
  • Benetiet vzw: every woman who undergoes a breast reconstruction via Benetiet vzw receives a set of lingerie of Marie Jo or PrimaDonna.

Each surgery, each breast and each scar is different. Sometimes we receive requests for a prosthetic bra. Up to now, we could not answer these requests. Research showed us that women with a prosthesis prefer a beautiful, customized bra out of the fashion collection, rather than a regular prosthetic bra. That’s why we present these alternatives:

  • lingerie stores that adjust our bras by sewing in a prosthesis are provided with free material, such as extra fabric in the right color.
  • for a small participation, bras can be adjusted in our workshops.

At the request of Ghent University, we developed a special radiation bra. This bra protects the healthy breast while the other breast receives radiation. This special bra is currently being used in four European hospitals.


Social team buildings

Via Time4Society, a non-profit organization, employees of Van de Velde have given time to social projects. We made learning packs for volunteers who assist children who suffer from learning disabilities. Together with children from underprivileged families we played a game in the woods, and also, we prepped the garden of Ten Dries for spring. Ten Dries is a pluralist organization for children and adolescents with disabilities. In 2015 we gave 220 hours to society. We will renew this effort in 2016.

Supporting culture

At Van de Velde we have a heart for culture

  • We provide lingerie for theater, television and film productions. A recent example is the movie ‘Schellebelle 1919’, which we also funded.
  • We give our surpluses of fabric, lace, bows… to (dancing) schools so they can make costumes and craftwork out of it.
  • We’ve donated old sewing machines to the Miat textielmuseum and mannequins to the Begijnhof of Ghent for Heritage Day.
  • The Bel-Vue Museum in Brussels received vintage lingerie for their exhibition on the history of Belgium.
  • In 2015, PrimaDonna was the main sponsor of the exhibition ‘The Belgians – An Unexpected Fashion Story’, in the context of 25 years of Belgian Fashion in Bozar.
  • We support a final-year student of the Antwerp Fashion Academy by creating her graduation collection.