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Suppliers & Customers

Sustainable relationships

With our suppliers

At Van de Velde we opt for sustainable relationships with our suppliers. Hence we select them carefully to avoid searching for last minute alternatives.

With our customers

Van de Velde is a Conversation Company*. The lingerie stores are our main focus. They are our best consultants. We maintain an open dialogue with them. By carefully listening to their needs, inspiring them and transcending their expectations with our service, we are creating ambassadors. They spontaneously share their authentic experiences with our brands with the customers.


Our brands are available in approximately 5.000 stores all over the world. Additionally we have our own retail with more than 40 stores in the UK, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Dubai.

We communicate from person to person. When we need to apologize for a mistake, our customer service sends sorry cards and chocolates. They also have cards for congratulating someone on a particular event: birth or wedding, or to show support at difficult moments. Our passion for customers leads us in everything we do.

Professional training

Our Lingerie Styling program supports about 600 professional lingerie stores, including our own 60 stores. We train our staff according to the general Van de Velde vision of ‘Shaping the bodies & minds of women’, resulting in the best possible service in the fitting room.

Read more about our Lingerie Styling Programme.

Labels & certificates

We expect our suppliers, subcontractors and our own lingerie stores to apply the same standards as we do. With the Social, Ethical and Ecological Charters we can guarantee our customers that our lingerie is produced and distributed under the best possible conditions for mankind and for the environment.

SA8000 or a similar certificate

37,5% of our foreign production units either have a social certificate such as SA8000, BSCI, WRAP, FWF or SMETA/ETI or they are audited by an independent external bureau. This should be the case for all of our units by the end of 2016. On a regular basis, we carry out checks through an internal monitoring system. Additionally the Van de Velde employees who visit our foreign sites are trained in ‘social risk awareness’. They notice and report any signals of noncompliance. The third parties who do not respect our code of conduct are given a minimum term to address and rectify the violations.

Ethical and Social Charter

Suppliers of resources and finished products have all signed a declaration abiding by Van de Velde’s Ethical and Social Charter. When selecting new suppliers, we perform a thorough screening process. By the end of 2016 we want all suppliers to have signed our Ethical and Social Charter. This process also includes our suppliers of marketing and promotional material and external services such as our cleaning company. Furthermore, we will ask them to present us social certificates of their own.

Our own lingerie stores represent other brands. Suppliers of these brands are expected to sign the Ethical and Social Charter.


We require of our resource suppliers that they carry the Oeko-tex label and that they are able to present a valid certificate.

About the Oeko-tex label


All our resource suppliers must meet the REACH-obligations.

About the REACH-obligations

* Inspired by ‘The Conversation Company’, Steven Van Belleghem, Kogan Page Publishers, 3rd of May 2012