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Sustainable growth

Van de Velde pursues a sustainable, open, socially and ethically responsible policy, based on responsibility, dialogue and mutual respect. We want to become stronger in the long term. Our sustainable growth will not be compromised by short-term gains.

In our sustainable growing process, we take responsibility for…

  • People: our employees and the women who wear our lingerie
  • Surroundings: our suppliers & lingerie stores and society
  • The world: our economy and the environment


At Van de Velde, business ethics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are taken very seriously. They are part of our culture of growth and way of working. It’s who we are.

We take our responsibility for the people, especially the women, in and around our company:

  • For every woman in the fitting room of lingerie stores, whom we support with high-quality products, reinforcing her happiness and confidence.
  • For the shop keepers who count on our impeccable service, season after season.
  • For our employees, 90% of which are female, for whom we create the best possible workplace, and whom we help grow, along with our company.
  • For women who are having a hard time, whom we support by investing time in carefully chosen charitable causes.
  • For the future generations, by utilizing our resources, energy and the environment responsibly.