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Sustainable and safe lingerie

The quality of our lingerie is legendary. Colors and elasticity resist frequent washing. We only use sustainable resources. All our lingerie, and resources, comply with the Oeko-tex and REACH legislations. Both guaranty safe textiles.

Oeko-tex is an international label of the International Association for Research and Testing in Textile Ecology. It guarantees that our lingerie is harmless to human health or the  environment. The Oeko-tex standard 100 label (class 2) ensures that our products are free of harmful substances and allergens.

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The European set of regulations REACH (Registration, valuation, Authorization and restriction of CHemicals) wants to expand knowledge about chemical substances and their risks. The harmful substances in a product need to be registered and communicated to the employees and to the consumer.

Click here for more information about the REACH-regulations

We work with European suppliers as much as possible. Our lace finds its origin in France, the embroidery in Switzerland or Italy. Innovative microfibers come from Belgium. Sourcing close to our cutting facility is better for the environment. In addition, many of our suppliers are doing ecological efforts, such as investing in their own water purification installations.

Honest relationship

Shaping the bodies and minds of women’ is our mission. We believe in female power. We want to reinforce women’s body image though fashionable lingerie and professional service in our stores. Thanks to the complementarity of our brands PrimaDonna, Marie Jo and Andres Sarda, our consumers can find a suitable bra for every fit, style or look.

The data we receive from our customers is always treated with the utmost respect for their privacy. The websites of our three brands contain a clear privacy declaration, which is strictly applied in our company.

We are proud to perform repairs ourselves. Our employees do it wholeheartedly. We emphasize the human aspect by adding a card with the following message: ‘This item was repaired with love, enjoy!’