Our values

From our strong family foundations and convictions, our values were born. They form the DNA of our organization, connect us and express what we stand for and how we act, every day again.

We are driven by Passion | We breathe Quality | We are Authentic We focus on Consumers & Customers | We act Entrepreneurial | We connect to Cooperate


We are driven by Passion

Our hearts beat for our products and the women who wear them.

  • We are proud of the history of our company and our craftsmanship.
  • We are the most enthusiastic ambassadors of our company.
  • We are driven and inspired. We give the best of ourselves every day.
  • We work from the heart. We are engaged and accept emotions are part of our business.
  • We are passionate professionals. Gut feeling supports our decisions.

We breathe Quality

We aim for excellence in our products, our work and our service, without compromises.

  • We take personal responsibility to bring what we promise on time, in full and first time right.
  • We believe in continuous improvement.
  • When confronted with problems, we learn from them and do everything to find a solution.
  • We work professionally and efficientlystriving for perfection.
  • We think long-term and look for sustainable solutions.

We are Authentic

We are reliable, honest and pragmatic in everything we do.

  • We are pragmatic and down-to-earth.
  • We walk the talk. We do what we promise.
  • We are modest.
  • We create a climate of respect for each individual.
  • We work with integrity and honesty.

We focus on Consumers & Customers

We understand, meet and exceed our consumers’ and customers’ needs and expectations.

  • We believe in long-term, trustful relationships and partnerships.
  • We care about, we listen to and we respect our customers and consumers.
  • We strive continuously to exceed their expectations.
  • We set our customers up for success, so they can build a growing business.
  • We strive to make our consumers feel confident, happy and proud.

We act Entrepreneurial

We look for solutions, we strive to excel, we always learn, with focus on results.

  • We have a winner’s mentality.
  • We are determined to deliver the results and go the extra mile.
  • We are solution-oriented.
  • We are demanding and strive for excellence,
  • We invest in the future. When we see opportunities, we go for it.

We connect to Cooperate

We work together in trust and with respect, both internally and externally.

  • We work together as one international TEAM, Our attitude is all for one & one for all.
  • We build long-lasting partnerships, internally and externally, and aim for a win-win.
  • We respect and take care of each other. We are genuinely interested in each other.
  • We consider feedback as a gift.
  • We strive for transparent communication.