1919: Founding by Achiel and Margaretha Van de Velde

1919-1945: First generation: Manufacture of corsets

1945-1980: Second generation: Range extended to bras and tights

Exports to the Netherlands Production of high-end lingerie under private label

1981: Launch of the first brand, Marie Jo 1990: Van de Velde acquires German company PrimaDonna 1997: IPO on the Brussels Stock Exchange 1997: Launch of a third brand, Marie Jo L'Aventure 2001: Participation in the share capital of TopForm International, listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange 2002: Opening of first O&O store 2007: Strategic alliance with US multi-brand retail chain Intimacy Management LLC 2007: Launch of the Lingerie Styling programme

2008: Launch of sports lingerie line Marie Jo Intense 2008: Acquisition of Spanish lingerie firm Eurocorset and Spanish lingerie brand Andrés Sardá

2010: Launch of PrimaDonna Twist 2010: Majority 85% stake acquired in Intimacy USA 2010: Acquisition of Dutch retail chain LinCHerie 2011: Majority 87% stake in Rigby & Peller Ltd (UK) 2011: Joint venture agreement with Getz Bros. to operate and develop Private Shop in China and Hong Kong

2012: Acquisition of Donker stores in the Netherlands

2013: Launch of PrimaDonna Swim

2014: Rigby & Peller celebrates its 75th birthday, 75 years of fitting room happiness

2014: Intimacy is now  100% owned by Van de Velde

2015: Lincherie wins the GfK Award for best lingerie store in the Netherlands for the second year in a row

2015: The Intimacy stores in the US get the Rigby & Peller brand name, look & feel

2015: 150th anniversary of PrimaDonna: celebrating curves since 1865

2016: Opening of Rigby & Peller Dubai in the Dubai Festival Mall

2017: Launch of PrimaDonna Sport

2018: Launch of Marie Jo Swim

2019: Sale of participation in Private Shop in China and Hong Kong to Getz

2019: Van de Velde celebrates its 100th anniversary!