Major holdings


The subscribed capital is 1.936.173,73 euro. It is represented by 13.062.417 shares. The total number of voting shares is 13.062.417 (denominator). Voting rights of own shares held by the company are suspended.


Shareholder structure

42,61% of the shares of Van de Velde NV are held by the public. The other shares are held by Van de Velde Holding NV, which represents the interests of the Laureys and Van de Velde families.

Within the framework of Belgium’s Transparency Act of 2 May 2007 stakes must be made public in accordance with the thresholds provided for by the Articles of Association.

The thresholds in Van de Velde’s Articles of Association are:

  • 3%;

  • 5%;

  • multiples of 5%.

Transparency notifications can be sent to

12-09-2023 Change in denominator and disclosure of a transparency notification

15-03-2023 Disclosure of a transparency notification

17-03-2021 Disclosure of a transparency notification