Board of Directors


The Board of Directors of Van de Velde NV is composed of 11 directors.

  • 6 directors representing the majority shareholder

  • 4 independent directors

  • 1 managing director

There are 5 female directors and 6 male directors. Diversity and balance in competences, experience, gender and age are taken into account for the composition of the Board of Directors.


Herman Van de Velde NV, always represented by Herman Van de Velde (2024*)

  • Education in economics (KULeuven) and development economics (UCL)

  • Director at The Fashion Company, Brands-On, Alsico and Volksvermogen, and chairman of the IVOC (the institute for training and development in the clothing industry)

  • Previously CEO at Van de Velde


Karel Verlinde CommV, always represented by Karel Verlinde

  • Education in economics (UGent) and economics & finance (University of Ireland Maynooth)

  • Active at Van de Velde since 2019 as CFO and from the end of 2022 as CEO

  • Previously CFO at IVC, division of Mohawk Industries

Directors (non-executive)

Benedicte Laureys (2024*)

  • Education in economics (KHLeuven) and Guberna course

  • Director and Managing Director at Ambo Holding NV, director at Rigby and Peller US/UK and Augmented Anatomy

  • 25 years of experience in the lingerie sector

Veronique Laureys (2026*)

  • Education in economics

  • Director and Managing Director of Ambo Holding NV

  • 20 years of experience in the lingerie sector

Greet Van de Velde (2026*)

  • Licentiate in economic science

  • Previously active for over 28 years within Van de Velde as production manager and demand planning manager, and sales and project account

Mavac BV, always represented by Marleen Vaesen (2025*)

  • Education in economics and management courses (e.g. Harvard)

  • Previously active at Procter & Gamble and Sara Lee

  • Previously CEO at Greenyard and CEO at Van de Velde

PARCinvest BV, always represented by Christian Salez (2026*)

  • Education in marketing and business (UCL Louvain-La-Neuve, Vlerick Ghent, NIMA Amsterdam, Hyper Island Stockholm)

  • Director-general of Europalia and director at Natan, Wouters & Hendrix, Graanmarkt 13 and The Merode

  • Previously general manager at TBWA, CEO and director at Delvaux

Executive NV, always represented by Dirk Goeminne (1) (2024*)

  • Education in applied economics and commercial engineering

  • Chairman Board of Directors at CRG NV (JBC, Mayerline, CKS), and sits on various supervisory boards in the Netherlands

  • Previously Chairman Board of Directors at What's Cooking and Wereldhave Belgium NV

YJC BV, always represented by Yvan Jansen (1) (2024*)

  • Eduction in law (KULeuven), economics (UCL) and MBA (Chicago Booth)

  • Active as business consultant in strategy and transformation

  • Previously Senior Partner and head of the Belgium business at Kearney, Senior Partner & Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group and active in private equity

Valseba BV, always represented by Isabelle Maes (1) (2025*)

  • Education in commercial engineering (KULeuven)

  • Active as CEO Lotus Bakeries Natural Foods and CMO at Lotus Bakeries

  • Previously CFO at Lotus Bakeries, active at Barry Callebaut Belgium and Senior Auditor PWC

BVHX BV, always represented by Bruno Vanhoorickx (1) (2026*)

  • Education in applied economic sciences (KULeuven), international business economics (KULeuven) and technology and innovation management (University of Sussex)

  • Active as Senior Vice President Markets at Zalando

  • Previously Project Leader at The Boston Consulting Group and Executive Vice President at Bain Capital LLP


(1) independent director

*tenure expires at the ordinary general meeting of this calendar year



Lore Werbrouck, General Counsel

Daily Management

Karel Verlinde as representative of Karel Verlinde CommV – managing director


Van de Velde NV is lawfully represented by:

- two members of the Board of Directors acting jointly, including a managing director (Karel Verlinde CommV, always represented by Karel Verlinde); or

- a managing director (Karel Verlinde CommV, always represented by Karel Verlinde) for all matters of daily management.