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Thank your hero!

Our brands Marie Jo and PrimaDonna would like to thank all the heroes who have worked or are working hard for others in this challenging period. Because we all know someone special whom we admire right now: someone who is working non-stop in a crucial sector, someone who helps out a neighbor in need, someone who combines caring for her family with her busy job... plenty of inspiring examples!

That's why we're launching a 'Thank Your Hero' campaign, where anyone can nominate a personal hero by sharing her inspiring story.


Van de Velde and several partners join forces in sewing surgical masks for local hospitals

Being a family company, Van de Velde attaches considerable value to socially responsible entrepreneurship. This is why part of the seamstresses in the Schellebelle workshop are currently being deployed to sew Type 2 surgical masks for local hospitals. Van de Velde hopes to contribute to making a positive difference in these challenging times through this initiative.

Further to an urgent request issued by the general hospital in Aalst (Algemeen Stedelijk Ziekenhuis, ASZ) Van de Velde decided this week to deploy part of its workshop for the production of Type 2 surgical masks. Following a reorganization of the machinery, and after perfecting the pattern, the seamstresses produced the first batch last Wednesday. The project is a great success: Van de Velde is currently supplying the hospital with approximately 1,000 surgical masks each day, a portion of which are subsequently distributed by ASZ among the other hospitals in the region.

These seamstresses are using a sterile fabric which is provided by the hospital. Working in a thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, sterile environment, the seamstresses wear gloves and a face mask to ensure a strict level of hygiene.

Several partners are involved in this wonderful initiative who, just as Van de Velde, are lending their cooperation entirely free of charge:

• Microtherm, which is part of the Etex Group, is cutting the sterile fabric so that larger volumes can be sewn.

• Jetcar Expressdienst delivers the surgical masks to the hospital – within the space of one hour.

• Consultancy Firm Kearney coordinates the activities between the various companies.

Thanks to everyone’s help and dedicated efforts, this has grown into a successful and – above all – heart-warming initiative.

Marleen Vaesen, CEO of Van de Velde: “Being a socially engaged family company, Van de Velde’s participation in this initiative was self-evident. I am proud that our team was able to roll out this project so quickly, and that we could also count on the support of several loyal partners. In particular, I would like to thank our seamstresses. Their valuable expertise has always made them a crucial link in the production chain, but now they are truly the heart of our company.”

Liesbeth Van de Velde, Head of Design and manager of the workshop: “Our seamstresses were enthusiastic about this initiative right from the very beginning and were keen to offer their support to the care sector in these challenging times. They are not alone: the initiative engendered tremendous support here, and has awakened the interest of all our employees.”

Steven Heytens, Head of Etex: “‘Connect & Care’ is one of the basic values of the Etex Group. Our ‘Stitching for Life team’ was extremely happy to lend a helping hand to Van de Velde and the hospitals in this region. I would like to extend my gratitude particularly to all the employees involved in this project for their dedication and creativity, and for the positive and valuable message they are conveying to all employees in the care sector.”

David Brys, HR Manager at Jetcar NV: “When one of our employees learned that Van de Velde intended to produce surgical masks for local hospitals, we immediately offered our services as a logistics partner. Each and every member of our car team is committed to society and this is reflected in everything our company does. I am proud of our employees and hope that our contribution in getting these surgical masks to the hospitals as quickly as possible will contribute added value to the protection of all employees in the healthcare sector.”

Yvan Jansen, Senior Partner at Kearney: “Solidarity is crucial in these exceptional circumstances. The care sector can use all the support it can get, and we are happy to contribute to this by bringing together parties and coordinating solidarity initiatives.”


The pattern and step-by step sewing instructions are available via this link:

Andres Sarda tribute show

Andres Sarda was the eye-catcher during Madrid Fashion Week: our Spanish luxury lingerie brand was given the great honor of opening the nation’s largest fashion event with its catwalk show. The dazzling show was a wonderful tribute by Nuria Sarda to her father and founder of the brand Andres Sarda, who passed away in September last year.

The show was opened by four emblematic Spanish models from the 1990s who used to pose for the brand: Judit Mascó, Verónica Blume, Vanesa Lorenzo and Martina Klein. The show featured designs from the new Fall-Winter 2020 collection as well as iconic archive pieces, such as the mantilla that caught the eye of Jackie Kennedy during her visit to the Vatican in the 1960s.

Since 1996, the Andres Sarda’s collections are presented on the Gaudí Barcelona and Madrid Fashion Week catwalks. On these occasions, the press and the public are immersed in a dreamy experience resulting from a masterful combination of stage design, music and handcrafted garments. The Andres Sarda shows have become some of the most highly anticipated events of the Spanish fashion scene.


Catwalk Andres Sarda 01
Catwalk Andres Sarda 02
Catwalk Andres Sarda 03
Catwalk Andres Sarda 04

Van de Velde and PrimaDonna win the Intima Award 2019 for Bestselling Lingerie Group in Europe and Bestselling European Brand

A panel of 350 independent stores from France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and Spain declared Van de Velde as winner of the Intima Award 2019 for Bestselling Lingerie Group in Europe. Van de Velde claimed as much as 46% of the votes, which re-affirms our strong position on the European lingerie market.

Furthermore, PrimaDonna was also awarded. Our brand, which is dedicated to bigger cup sizes, gained the Intima Award 2019 for Bestselling European Brand for the third year in a row!

Intima handed over the Awards to CEO Marleen Vaesen, Chairman of the Board of Directors Herman Van de Velde and Head of Design Liesbeth Van de Velde at the SIL event in Paris last weekend.