Code of Conduct

Integry is to hold on firmly to a number of fundamental principles and core values

Van de Velde considers respect, honesty, solidarity and trust as necessary foundations for cooperation. We expect every employee and business partner to apply these core values and to act within the legal framework.

We've summarized specific rules and guidelines on acting with integrity in the Van de Velde codes of conduct:

Our employees are ambassadors of our company. They reflect our core values every time they cooperate with colleagues, suppliers, customers and others surrounding us. The code of conduct focuses on this cooperation and complements it with guidelines on dealing with confidential information, company assets and the distinction between work and private life.

We want to build sustainable relationships with our business partners and therefore seek partners who share our values. This code of conduct focuses on respect for human rights, striving to reduce environmental impact and business integrity.

If any of our employees or business partners suspect a violation of these code(s) of conduct, we ask them to report this. The internal reporting channel for whistleblowers can be used for this purpose.