Whistleblowing policy

Integrity is very important at Van de Velde. That is why our company makes every effort to eliminate any form of misconduct or irregularity. Despite these efforts, misconduct can still occur.

To this end, Van de Velde organised an internal whistleblowing channel for reporting dangerous, immoral or illegal practices (or a suspicion of such practices) in which the identity of each reporting person is guaranteed to be kept confidential. This whistleblowing system and the accompanying Whistleblowing policy was communicated to all employees on 6 March 2023 via e-mail and via the online communication platform of Van de Velde.

Read all about the Whistleblowing policy at Van de Velde.

Through this internal whistleblowing channel you can report breaches relating to the policies below:

Here you can consult the Spanish and German translation of our Whistleblowing policy.

Number of reports: 0 reports received (since March 6th, 2023)