Internal reporting

Report about actual or suspected business misconduct - integrity concern

You are invited to report concerns or complaints about Van de Velde's business approach using this internal reporting channel.

This reporting channel is intended for the reporting of concerns with regard to possible infringements of legal or regulatory provisions, or Van de Velde policy documents such as:

All complaints can be made anonymously, and will be handled confidentially in line with our Whistleblowing policy. If you provide us with an e-mail address we will provide you with an acknowledgement of receipt within 7 days.

Van de Velde will take the necessary measures to protect individuals who have made reports against any form of retaliation.

* For breaches of the Code of Conduct which do not violate legislation as defined in the Whistleblowing Policy, a confidential report can be made via the Whistleblowing form. However, other protection measures provided for in this policy do not apply.