Van de Velde chooses partners willing and able to support our sustainable goals


Van de Velde chooses partners willing and able to support our sustainable goals

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Loyal cooperation with raw material suppliers

‘The choice of suppliers is key for the premium quality’

Nathalie Van Moeseke - Purchasing Manager

When purchasing raw materials, Van de Velde mainly chooses European suppliers from countries including Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. We have been working with many of these partners for more than 30 years. Our biggest raw material supplier is located in Deinze, only 35km away.

Thanks to many years of cooperation, these suppliers have a good understanding of our requirements in terms of creativity, innovation and technology. This allows us to keep innovating every season, while maintaining the high quality and longevity of our lingerie & swim products. The proximity of these European suppliers is a huge advantage when it comes to flexibility and transport of deliveries. Most deliveries of raw materials to the central cutting rooms in Belgium are shorter routes that do not require air transport.

Material sourcing
Material sourcing
72% material sourcing Europa | 28% material sourcing Far East
Material suppliers
Material suppliers
30% for more then 20 years

Retail partners are key!

"Retail partners are key to achieve our mission"

Willem Wijnen - Head of Sales

The relationship with our retail partners is crucial to ensure the know-how about our products is correctly transferred to the consumer. They are essential giving the right advice on size and fit and how to take care of your precious lingerie. Our retail partners also support our design teams by giving constructive feedback on fit, style and performance of the collections. On a regular base, we organize training modules (Van de Velde Academy), these are training programmes to advise consumers even better.

This mutually reinforcing cooperation, results in an NPS score of 76.

This Net Promoter Score expresses how strongly retail partners would recommend the Van de Velde company and its brands to a friend or colleague.

Want to get to know our commercial partners in your neighbourhood? Check out our store locator.

Interested in finding out more? Find the link to the comprehensive 2023 Sustainability Report here. Welcome to the heart of Van de Velde. Enjoy reading!

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Van de Velde selects partners willing & able to support our sustainable goals

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