Van de Velde beliefs in the power of people, and the power in women in particular


Van de Velde beliefs in the power of people, and the power in women in particular

Van de Velde is a company where employees have always been key. We strongly believe in the power and potential of people, and the power in women in particular.

This is reflected in the relationship with employees, consumers and women in society.

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Our employees, our lingerie ambassadors

"The strength of our company!"

Caroline Vermeulen - HR Director

Van de Velde employs more than 1,500 people worldwide and insists on taking responsibility for every employee, regardless job or location. Top priority! Van de Velde is well aware every employee is a part of the chain, together realizing the Van de Velde purpose, doing business, innovating and celebrating success. Van de velde is a strongly value-driven company. want to learn about our values?

VdV Code of Conduct, working together with integrity

The VdV Code of Conduct encourages honest and respectful cooperation. Van de Velde trusts every employee to comply with this code of conduct on a daily basis. Every day, in relation to colleagues, clients, suppliers and consumers. Discover the VdV Code of Conduct!

We care! SA8000

The VDV Social and Ethical Charter describes what we understand by 'good working conditions'. The sites in Belgium, Schellebelle and Wichelen, obtained SA8000 certification. This certificate is awarded by external auditors, is valid for 3 years and confirms the great care taken over health, safety, remuneration, etc. Would you like to learn more about this certificate?

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Van de Velde motivates, connects, stimulates

There are numerous actions to maximise the (mental) well-being of employees:

VDV Connect

VDV Connect is a well-being project by and for Van de Velde employees. Employees organise all kinds of (collective) initiatives that combine health, connection and fun.

Healthy lifestyle

Employees are encouraged to exercise frequently and eat healthy. Van de Velde offers fruit baskets and company bicycles and also organizes sport challenges like Walk & Bike, yoga, padel, ... Employees are free to use showers and can ask for ergonomic advice.

Hybrid working

We give employees - when possible, depending on the kind of job - the chance to combine working in the office alternating with working from home. This offers the chance to optimise flexibility and work/life balance.

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Enthusiastic engagement

Van de Velde polls its employees' satisfaction monthly via an online survey. The engagement score is currently 75%. This engagement score is a good reflection of employee enthusiasm and loyalty.

Van de Velde focuses on personal development. Every new employee is part of an intensive onboarding programme. Depending on the job and the employee's growth potential, this is followed by more specific training. In 2022, Van de Velde organised more than 3,800 training days in Belgium.

number of employees
number of employees
> 1500
30 % Belgium | 55% Tunisia | 15% worldwide
engagement score (2021)
engagement score (2021)
days of training (2021)
days of training (2021)
2.5 days per employee
B2B - customers

Our consumers, our lingerie fans

"We strongly believe in the power in women"

Liesbeth Van de Velde - Head of Design

Van de Velde strongly believes in the power of people ... and the power in women in particular. We enhance women's confidence thanks to fashionable lingerie and in-store service. Van de Velde lingerie goes beyond a 'perfect fit', we want to see women shine, succeed, change the world ...

The power of lingerie & 'the perfect fit'

Van de Velde offers its fans perfect fit lingerie for every size and body. We are constantly expanding the lingerie size and style range. With our three high-quality brands Marie Jo, PrimaDonna and Andres Sarda, we pursue the ultimate experience, each brand with its own focus, for every type of woman.



PrimaDonna puts women in the spotlight who are proud of their body and larger cup size.

MIF wit


Marie Jo promotes the incredible impact of the right lingerie on your self-image.



Andrés Sarda emphasises that life is a catwalk and women have everything it takes to make the future of their dreams come true.


Women in society & more

"We are convinced there is still more we can do for women"

Lieve Vermeire - CSR (Corporate Social Responsability)

Notre raison d'être ...

Our perfect fit, fashionable and comfortable lingerie & swimwear offers women extra power, helps women feel (even) more confident and stronger.

But as a purpose driven company we believe we can contribute more to women's empowerment worldwide: we are able to create extra opportunities for women by supporting initiatives which stimulate female entrepreneurship.

Because 'igniting the power in women' is igniting positive change!

B2B - Sustainability - People - Vrouw in de maatschappij - Donaties aan organisaties - Afbeelding

Lingerie donations to organisations for women in need

Van de Velde donates its stock leftovers to organisations that help women in need, such as shelters for refugees or hospitals where women end up after being abused.

In this way, we hope to give these women an extra boost at a very vulnerable moment in their life by creating a feelgood moment, so they feel respected and feel more self-confident again.

On an annual basis, we donate about 12,500 pieces to charity.

B2B - Sustainability - People - Vrouw in de maatschappij - Plan international - Afbeelding

Partnering with Plan International! Perfect match

Plan International is an organisation dedicated to empowering the position of young women in society. This mission is aligned with the purpose of Van de Velde.

We support specific projects such as 'Unlock the power of Girls', a project which provides training for young girls in Benin. Thank's to the Walk&Bike challenge organized by Van de Velde employees, we contributed a donation of 10,000 euros in 2021. In September 2022 Van de Velde organized another sportive challenge which led to a similar donation that will contribute to a new program in Rwanda.

Read more about our sustainability policy


Van de Velde believes in the power of people, and the power in women in particular


Personal development and working conditions are extremely important, regardless your job, or location


Van de Velde designs a high-quality product with longevity


Van de Velde selects partners willing & able to support our sustainable goals

Want to know more about our sustainable efforts?

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